• Approved Coal Merchant, Calor Gas Stockist, Registered Dealer in Controlled Oils and Approved Woodfuel Merchant
    Serving Northamptonshire and bordering counties of Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire
UK legislation for house coal ban wet firewood ban canalside pump-out and diesel coal, seasoned firewood logs, calor cas barn dried seasoned hardwood firewood logs locally sourced from sustainable woodland, kindling and firelighters approved propane and butane calor gas supplier deliveries and haulage of flour and animal feeds canalside assisted pump-out and diesel, diesel conditioner
Family firm founded in 1924 supplying quality domestic fuels and canalside services
Deliveries to all areas within 25 miles radius
Seasoned hardwood logs locally sourced from sustainable woodland
Approved Calor gas retailer stocking all sizes of propane and butane bottled gas
Specialist haulier in bagged flour and animal feed distribution
Canalside services including diesel, assisted pump-out, Fuel Set diesel fuel conditioner, Morris oils and toilet fluids at Bridge 32, Grand Union Canal
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As things are starting to ease slightly, we have decided to re-open on Saturday mornings for the sale of prepacked fuels, Calor gas and red diesel (gas oil).

We will be open from 9.00 am until 12.00 noon.

All stocks including all sizes of Calor gas bottles are now readily available. However, we are currently only able to supply a gas bottle if we receive an empty bottle in exchange.

New sales are not available at the moment. This should only be a temporary measure and new sales will be available once Calor has stabilised its bottle stock situation.

Please follow our code of service which will be made clear to you. Please remember to social distance at all times. Please follow any requests or instructions issued by our staff.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Richard Higginbottom.

Fred Tarry is an Approved Merchant of traditional house coals & smokeless fuels

Family Run Business Since 1924

A third generation family providing professional, efficient and friendly services to its haulage, boating and fuel customers.



We can deliver to your premises in 50 kgs bulk bags which we empty directly into your bunker or coal shed. If you don't have suitable storage, we can offer clean, sealed 25 kgs pre-packed plastic bags.

Traditional House Coal

A bituminous natural product that burns with a long flame, is easy to light and gives off heat quickly as it burns up, settling down to a glowing fire with flame.


Smokeless Briquettes

The briquette constituents and manufacturing process ensure that once well alight the fuel burns smokelessly and can confidently be used in smoke control areas. There are a number of different briquettes on the market, all performing in slightly different ways. We stock: Cosycoke, Supertherm, Firegold and Taybrite.

Premium Grade Anthracite

Anthracite is a hard, shiny, naturally occurring smokeless fuel which has the advantage of being extremely slow burning with a consistent high heat output and very little ash. We stock three sizes of premium grade Black Diamond AnthraciteLarge Nuts, Small Nuts and Grains.

Seasoned Logs

Our seasoned logs are sourced locally from managed sustainable woodlands and comprise a mix of hardwoods including oak, ash, birch, beech, hornbeam and sycamore. The logs are barn dried and can be delivered in one or two cu metre quantities. Kiln dried logs are also available.

Our Products

Traditional House Coal

We can offer graded house coals:
- Standard "treble" size;
- Limited qty larger size.

Welsh Dry Steam Coal from Fosy Fan in South Wales

We supply Welsh Dry Steam Coal for use in all types of steam engines.

Smokeless Briquettes: supertherm

There are a number of smokeless briquettes on the market for different uses. We stock:
- Supertherm;
- Cosycoke;
- Firegold; and
- Taybrite.


We stock three sizes of their premium grade of Black Diamond Anthracite:
- Large Nuts;
- Small Nuts; and
- Grains

seasoned hardwood logs northamptonshire

Seasoned hardwood logs in bulk or handy sized nets, sustainably sourced, includes a mix of:
- Oak;
- Ash
- Birch;
- Beech;
- Hornbeam and Sycamore.

Kindling and firelighters

Dried kindling sticks and Zip firelighters make light work of establising a good fire.

Propane and Butane Calor Gas

We stock and deliver:
- Propane Gas;
- Butane Gas; and
- Patio Gas
in cylinders ranging from 3.9 Kg to 47 Kg

Canalside Services

Find us at Bridge 32 of the Grand Union Canal and use us for:
- Assisted Pump Out;
- Gas Oil (Red Diesel);
- Morris Oils and Greases; and
- Toilet Chemicals.

Road Haulage

Specialist haulier in bagged flour and animal feed distribution.

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Deliveries direct to your bunker or you are welcome to cash and carry

Our premises are adjacent to Bridge 32 on the Grand Union Canal between Weedon and Bugbrooke
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